Special situations demand sophistication from an investment bank

Our advisors understand the most important elements to effectively handle challenging financial situations.

Valuation — We have a reputation for providing objective advice that is tailored to distressed company valuation.

Initiation — Our credibility and our understanding of effective execution are competitive advantages in the sale process.

Process — We articulate to a distressed company and its key constituencies, including potential buyers, the advantages and disadvantages of selling or purchasing assets from a company in bankruptcy.

Experience — Our knowledge of the market of potential buyers allows us to assist stakeholders in selecting the most credible buyer, the one with the least execution risk, and the least likely to renegotiate the transaction late in the process.

Speed — We preserve going-concern and distributable value with the resources and experience to move quickly, to assess the trade-off between time and value, and to advise the various parties accordingly.

Insight — Our firm’s industry groups provide senior-level bankers who can identify strategic buyers and equity sponsors within the seller’s field.

Access — Our global relationships, knowledge and resources tap all available opportunities, including offshore competitors seeking access to brand recognition, efficient distribution channels and mature customer relationships in the seller's domestic market.

Specials Situations Financing Contacts

Peter Marshall
Managing Director
Joseph Swanson
Senior Managing Director